I love solving problems and building new things.
Here are some example of things I have created.

What I Do
Building Dynamic, Responsive & Clean Web and Mobile Applications

Teaching Angular 2 through Callibrity Solutions.

Responsiblities were the Creating of Angular 2 class material. This includes Instructional Material and Class Labs.

If you are interested in learning Angular 2 and get some working examples to show off. Please contact Callibrity Solutions.


I also like when I can contribute to the Open Source Community
Crossroads (Signin and Checkin Application)
I was a lead on this project. This was written in .NET for the Restful API layer, Angular 2 with Typescript, and utilizes web sockets for live updating. The purpose of this application is to facilitate the management of Kids Club's (aka. Sunday School) Signin and Checkin of children.
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Crossroads Main Web Application (www.crossroads.net)
This is project contains two applications the AngularJS client facing front end for Crossroads and the C# .NET web service that serves as a gateway to the back end database. I have contributed to the the one time giving application, recurring giving, small groups facilitation, and much more.
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A ruby client to help with interacting to http://www.sportsdatabase.com/api. JSONP is returned from the API and this gem will handle the calls made to the API as well as parsing the JSONP returned. For examples on how to use this gem, make contributions, or for souce code examples view on github.
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A java lib that encapsulates the java HTMLEditorKit and making it easy to call a web page and parse the desired information based on the Xpath. To make contributions, use, or for souce code examples view on github.
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